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Auto Glass Repair - Four Questions You Should Ask

By Maraya Mullen

When your vehicle's windshield incurs damages, your first instinct is usually to rush your car to the nearest auto glass repair shop you can find. Considering how annoying and terribly uncomfortable it is to drive with a cracked windshield, this type of reaction is to be expected.

Windshield replacement (and other auto glass repair services) however, is not something you rush into in a state of panic. Choosing which shop to go to requires careful thought and consideration. Windshields are, after all, considered by automobile specialists to be one of the most vital gears needed to ensure one's safety while traveling in a car or truck. Like seat belts and airbags (which studies have shown to be a vehicle's two most important safety components), windshields offer a vehicle's riders security and protection. So before you take your car to your neighborhood repair shop, it is wise to try to find out the answers to these questions first:

- What exactly are the terms of your insurance policy when it comes to auto glass repair?

You need to know this not just because glass repair services cost serious money, but also so you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction. You would not want to have expensive auto glass scratch repair done on your car only to find out that your insurance company only works with a set of pre-approved shops, would you?

- Which store gives the best value for your money?

Before you decide on which shop you should take your car to, you need to ask and look around for the shop that gives the best value for your money. And by this I do not mean automatically selecting the repair center that offers the lowest service rate. Remember, in cases like this, the adage "you get what you pay for" are almost always proven to be true. Choose a repair shop that offers high-quality service at reasonable rates (and yes, believe it or not, they do exist).

- How long would the repair job take?

A car is a necessity most people would nowadays find hard not to live without. So before you hand over your car keys to the repairman, ask first how long it would take them to finish the job. And don't let them give you vague answers (e.g. 'soon", "maybe next week"); ask for details and guarantees.

- What are their SOPs when it comes to auto glass repair?

Asking this question would give you an idea of the quality of work of a particular site. Find out if their employees are certified by glass manufacturers, what materials they use, they thoroughly clean the glass and what guarantees they provide for their work.

Good luck with your search!

The author is a copywriter associated with a company that offers auto glass repair services like windshield replacement and auto glass scratch repair.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Maraya_Mullen

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